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How long have you been in business?

Fatbeats dj’s have been in business since 1999! We started out doing anniversaries and weddings for a local Baltimore caterer.
Why do I sometimes get your answering machine instead of you sometimes?
This is an easy one to answer! The DJ and professional entertainment business performs at events primarily nights and weekends. This leaves just weekdays to visit clients, businesses, and take care of ‘behind-the-scenes’ housekeeping so we have nothing to worry about but your event when it’s SHOWTIME! We choose not to employ a receptionist so we can keep our costs down and keep the rates we charge you lower than average.
This does not mean we will never return your phone call, email, or inquiry! In 99.8% of the time, we can reach you within 10 minutes or sooner of your initial call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Why do you call yourself a PROFESSIONAL DJ?

This is mY business! We take time during slow periods of the year to attend classes that increase our skill set so you can get the
bang for the buck you deserve!
Here’s BIG industry secrets that we would like to share with you, and we hope this will help you tell the professional DJ apart from the not-so-professional DJ…
Some of the bigger companies around town claim to have professional DJs on staff, to have extensive training through their own programs, to be customer-oriented…. NOT TRUE!!! Many of these companies may or may not be franchises of some so-called national company that really does nothing but sell expensive marketing and accounting services to the DJ company, or they may boast a large staff of dozens of DJs, but their commitment to ‘beating’ the competition causes them to lose sight of what’s important, tending to your needs on a superior level of service.
Some of these companies can also be ‘agencies’ (example, the XYZ Agency). These companies employ only people who specialize in booking your event (sort of a ‘bookie’), then track down the least expensive DJ they can hire to simply cover it for their agency.
What these companies and agencies also do not tell you is that their fee for the wedding may be $1,000 or more, but the DJ they will send out may have about 5 days of training and maybe a year of weddings to his/her credit, and might be making anywhere from $10/hr $150 flat fee for the wedding. This is a form of bait & switch and it is WRONG!! These DJs do not have the years of event experience that afford them needed expertise to handle any event in a truly professional manner, and it certainly slights what you have as an expectation from that DJ and the company they are with.
Their $1,000 wedding/event fee goes into pretty four-color handouts and slick ads in the wedding magazines (don’t get me wrong, we run ads also). They do not put it back into music, equipment, or better training!
If the company you consider hiring continually trains well-seasoned pros and invests in the tools and knowledge to keep their events sizzling, you can expect a BETTER event from that DJ and company than from the others who take a ‘smoke & mirrors’ approach to marketing, training (if they train at all) employees, and look to trick you out of a portion of your event budget!
Oh, one more thing….

When many of these other companies overbook (usually on purpose to get that last $$$), many of them will call us and ask if we can work for them as a SUBCONTRACTOR. While this practice is frowned upon, we will only do this if the company agrees to pay our fee, if the event host is aware of this arrangement, and there is a contract in place agreeing to all of this in plain English. The reason we even consider this is we do not want to see a bride get into a jam because they were not well-informed of the company’s practices up front and they deserve
to have nothing but a trouble-free, magical reception.
We also back up other DJs on an emergency basis. If they get into a wreck, get sick, blow up equipment, we will be happy to cover for them! After all, you only have a wedding reception once in your life (we hope)! We also maintain backup equipment.

Do you have references? Videotape?

The answer is yes (we have references) and no (no video).
We opt to provide references from our past clients instead of a videotape. The reason we do this is twofold…
If we have done a good job for someone, they are usually willing to give you a personal account of what we did to meet their needs or exceed their expectations. A videotape (or computer slide show), by comparison, can take a company up to a year to make, use only a few clips, and hide *lots* of disenchantment from you! While we may not be able to invite you to our next wedding event (we also respect our clients’ privacy), we certainly can refer you to several past clients and they can paint a more accurate and truthful picture of what we can do for you!
If you are viewing a video from a company, chances are you have not even met the DJ who will be performing at your event, and it’s likely you may not meet him/her until the day of the event! When you meet with us, you have the advantage of “feeling us out” to see if we will be a good fit with what you expect from great entertainment. We can also answer questions on the spot, go over planning of your event, work out solutions to any issues that tend to sneak up on your event planning, or just share a cup of coffee and a Danish!
A few good video clips does not make a wonderful DJ! Continually satisfying clients does!

How will you Guarantee that your company will be at my event?

We put our signature on a performance contract alongside yours that clearly spells out who hired us, where we are to be and at what day/time we are to perform, the price and deposit, overtime, power/space/equipment requirements, parking, loading/unloading into the event
location and any special needs.
Also, as discussed above, we also have multiple backup plans and agreements if some terrible, unforeseen event happens that affects your original DJ!
Personally, I have never been late or missed an event in all the time I have been in the entertainment business!

What kind of sound equipment do you use?

We use professional sound equipment with high reliability, clean sound reproduction, and designed to be used under a wide variety of conditions.
Our music source is from Laptop Computers, though we can provide for you if you require something special that can only be played from CD or MP3

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